Since 2011, some of the items Lizzette has been working on have been influenced by Kiwi nostalgia. In addition to her signature clay, she was experimenting with recycled materials and resin casting. Kiwiana stands for artifacts inspired by and related to the history, geography, folklore and cultural heritage of New Zealand. Many of the pieces are iconic specimens of New Zealand culture.

Sweetie Pie (2011) resin

Sweetie Pie

AVAILABLE || 2012 || Resin Lizzette first started experimenting with resin in 2012, inspired by the beautiful transluscent colours of the medium. Each piece is molded and cast by hand at the Glue Pots & Lemon Drops Studio. The concept pieces for mini caravans used as molds were made from plasticine. The resin was cast in a … Continue reading Sweetie Pie

Jet Planes & Eskimos (2013) resin

Jet Planes & Eskimos

AVAILABLE || 2013 || resin || The resin sweets are all classic kiwi favourites, jet planes, milk bottles, gummy bears and eskimos. Each piece is molded and cast by hand at the Glue Pots & Lemon Drops Studio. The pieces have been made into various types of jewelry including earrings, necklaces and brooches. Anyone feel like a … Continue reading Jet Planes & Eskimos

Hokey Pokey | 2015

Hokey Pokey

AVAILABLE || 2015 || clay, paper || Hokey Pokey Ice-Creams in individual holders waiting to dry in the Kiln Shed Finished Hokey Pokey Ice-Creams with colorful bunting Glazed Hokey Pokey in its stand

Living A Saucy Life

2011 || glazed clay, recycled materials || The most famous condiment in the world is called not ketchup, but tomato sauce in New Zealand. When someone decided to start serving this delicious tangy sauce in a tomato shaped plastic bottle, the container became one of the most iconic sights in every coffee lounge and home across the two islands. The … Continue reading Living A Saucy Life

Buzzy Bee, 2011

Buzzy Buttons

2011 || clay, recycled materials || Buzzy Bees are one of the most iconic Kiwiana items, manufactured in New Zealand since the 1930’s. Lizzette’s clay rendition of this classic toy combines clay-work with nostalgia-inspired recycled materials. Buzzy bees were featured in Lizzette’s 2011 Kiwiana inspired exhibition. Today, most of them are in private collections, but one … Continue reading Buzzy Buttons