Studioville & Caravans

The grounds of Glue Pots and Lemon Drops Gallery & Studio are collectively known as Studioville. The studio has been purpose built by Lizzette. Studioville project started when an old part derelict house that now houses the Weka Room Gallery, Snug Lobby Boutique and the Weasel’s Studio,  was lifted on the property. Studioville has been expanding ever since, as Lizzette has built a full Courtyard Garden, and added two annexes the Kiln Shed and the Spraying Shed on the grounds. The focal point of the Courtyard Garden is a hand built and sculpted Italian wood-fire pizza oven. Studioville is also home to two vintage caravans, a 1963 Starlet Penelope Pitstop and 1959 Auckland Caravan Company Clara Clayton. Both caravans have also been restaured by Lizzette.


Studioville Project

The building that houses the Glue Pots and Lemon Drops Gallery & Studio was originally an old railway cottage that was moved to its current location in the 2000’s. Lizzette has been developing the grounds of this fantastical enclosure ever since. Currently the Studioville grounds are home to four buildings, central courtyard and two vintage caravans. … Continue reading Studioville Project

Ready pizza oven

Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

The centerpiece of the Courtyard Garden is the fully functional hand-built wood fired pizza oven. Lizzette’s oven is modeled after classic New Zealand backyard pizza oven design. It reaches a high temperature of 400 degrees Celsius after approximately four hours of pre-heating, and thanks to the insulation structure in the dome, it keeps it heat … Continue reading Wood-Fired Pizza Oven