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Kiwi Camping Collection 2012 Progress Shots

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t been on much lately, I got unexpectedly sick and ended up in hospital having surgery. All good now and back on the mend so back at work again. Lots of back orders to catch up on! lol Here’s a little sample of some of what’s in the kiln shed waiting to be painted and fired.

Some of what’s in the kiln shed today 🙂

Great first weekend of Open Studios 2012

Wow the weekend was really successful and both Veda and I really enjoyed meeting everyone that came through the studio. In fact we were so successful that I’m going to have to juggle everything around for next weekend so people will have something to look at!. lol One bright idea was to be able to display a couple of freshly made, unfired caravans but due to their delicate nature I was worried about people touching them and breaking them. Off to the pet shop and half an hour later our problem was solved with a couple of upside down fish tanks! They look great and work brilliantly. smile emoticon