Unique New Zealand Ceramic Art

This portfolio includes a thematically cataloged sample of Lizzette’s work. Themes that have inspired her in the recent years include Flying Saucers, Vespas, Kiwiana, Kiwi Camping, and New Zealand Heritage. Additionally to her signature clay creations, Lizzette has done some darjit sculpture work. She has also rescued two derelict classic caravans and fully re-fitted them. Don’t forget to peek in the Mystery Box.

“If you care about what you do and work hard at it, there isn’t anything you can’t do if you want to”

— Jim Henson

Kiwi Camping

Kiwi Camping

Kiwi Camping is Lizzette’s signature line of ceramic miniature caravans, ranging from  detailed and imaginative camping scenarios to to-scale replicas of real vintage caravans. Each individual caravan tells it’s own story of the ups and downs of family camping holidays. The intricate design evoke vivid nostalgic memories of summers gone by.  Many of them have … Continue reading Kiwi Camping

Buzzy Bees, 2011


Since 2011, some of the items Lizzette has been working on have been influenced by Kiwi nostalgia. In addition to her signature clay, she was experimenting with recycled materials and resin casting. Kiwiana stands for artifacts inspired by and related to the history, geography, folklore and cultural heritage of New Zealand. Many of the pieces are iconic … Continue reading Kiwiana

Flying Saucer

Final Frontier

New Zealanders have always been explorers, traveling around the country, visiting new places, gaining new experiences. Final Frontier collection is a natural continuum to Lizzette’s fascination with travel and freedom. The collection draws inspiration from space exploration. Her flying saucers, rockets and space ships all share the same individualistic style with her other ceramics, inviting the viewer … Continue reading Final Frontier



Of all modes of transportation the two-wheeled motorized vehicles have perhaps been the most associated with the concept of absolute freedom. Lizzette’s fascination with breaking out and breaking free from the confines of our every day lives continues with her collection of beach life inspired Vespas and mopeds. Each item is carefully handcrafted and conveys a … Continue reading Vespas

Wanganui Bank of New South Wales

New Zealand Heritage

Lizzette’s hometown Wanganui is also home to numerous listed heritage buildings, that offer an interesting glimpse to the city’s past. Her collection of New Zealand Heritage buildings invites the viewer to travel in time to the heyday of the buildings and imagine life in the early days of the past century. Each ceramic building in … Continue reading New Zealand Heritage

Dragon drying before first firing

Mystery Box

Mystery Box contains an eclectic mix of pieces by Lizzette, who has worked as a ceramic artist and ran her own art and pottery boutiques since her early twenties.  Prior to opening Glue Pots and Lemon Drops Gallery & Studio in Wanganui, Lizzette sold her ceramics at the Flights of Fantasy market stall in Tauranga, toured with The New Zealand … Continue reading Mystery Box

JOKER | 2010

Darjit Sculptures

Darjit is a unique architectural sculpting material created by a New Zealand artist Brent Sumner. Lizzette has been experimenting with this clay-like material that has the drying qualities of concrete and the malleability of ceramic clay. The unique qualities of the material make it ideal for creating larger sculptures than traditional clay would allow, and … Continue reading Darjit Sculptures

Garden Installation

Studioville & Caravans

The grounds of Glue Pots and Lemon Drops Gallery & Studio are collectively known as Studioville. The studio has been purpose built by Lizzette. Studioville project started when an old part derelict house that now houses the Weka Room Gallery, Snug Lobby Boutique and the Weasel’s Studio,  was lifted on the property. Studioville has been … Continue reading Studioville & Caravans